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The Adventure

What's your Destination



From delicious cuisine to diverse cultures, every region of Europe has something different to offer.

You can enjoy the sun-kissed beaches and irresistible food of the Mediterranean, or explore the dramatic landscapes and natural wonders of Scandinavia. Tour castles and monuments in the British Isles, or stroll along the shore of the world’s oldest lake in Russia. It’s entirely up to you.

If adventure is your goal, you can kayak through ancient waterways in the Norwegian fjords, or get close to active volcanoes in Iceland. Can’t get enough of ancient ruins? See the remains of Pompeii in Italy.

Maybe you prefer cultural experiences. Immerse yourself in the local traditions of the Greek Islands, or attend a music festival in the Baltic.



There's nowhere like it on the planet for wildlife, wild lands and rich traditions that endure. Prepare to fall in love. From the tropical rainforests and glorious tropical coastline of Central Africa to the rippling dunes of the Namib Desert, from the signature savannah of the Serengeti to jagged mountains, green-tinged highlands and deep-gash canyons that mark the Great Rift Valley's continental traverse – wherever you find yourself on this big, beautiful continent, Africa has few peers when it comes to natural beauty.



Discover a region of natural beauty that takes your breath away, flavors that thrill your palate like never before, and cultural experiences that open your eyes to a whole new world. Our in-depth Asia adventures take you to Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and more, in some of the continent’s most fascinating cities. From the desert cities of the Arabian Peninsula to the wonders of India and the Far East, our Asia vacations offer something for every discerning world traveler. Explore this must-see corner of the world.



The wonder from Down Under! Get yourself to Australia. The pristine beaches, rugged terrain and bustling coastal cities in this part of the world are the living embodiment of variety. Sprawling deserts, enormous forests, snow-capped mountains and coral reefs teeming with aquatic life show off nature at its very best, and the busy, multicultural cities are packed with interesting folks with stories to share. Prepare to have the limits of your imagination expanded tenfold.



The Great White North offers travelers a variety of cultures, landscapes, and wonders to discover, from the roaring power of Niagara Falls to the enchanting beauty of the Canadian Rockies. Begin your journey on either coast, starting in trendy Vancouver or cosmopolitan Toronto, from which you can uncover Canada's vast secrets. The four seasons dominate Canada, letting you experience the maritime beauty of Nova Scotia in Spring, sunny Summer hikes from Banff, stunning Fall foliage tours to Agawa Canyon, and the captivating Northern Lights come Winter. Discover a blend of cultures wherever you choose to begin, from the ancient history of the First Nation tribes to the proud French-Canadian to the lively and thriving Chinatowns in Toronto, Victoria, and Vancouver.

South America


Dramatic scenery, vivid culture, a mysterious past – South America has it all!  Whether you want to trek to Machu Picchu or are more at home relaxing on a Brazilian beach, if you’re up for the trip, you’ll see things you can’t see anywhere else on earth. Not to mention some of the world’s most amazing sights, from the wildlife of the Galapagos to the peaks of the Andes to the glaciers of the Chilean fjords. The continent has an amazing variety of landscapes, often within a few hours of each other. It has some big, surprisingly sophisticated cities to explore – not to mention delicious food and wine.